The Transportation Research Board Health and Transportation Subcommittee (ADD50-01) advances research, education, and professional practice in public health and transportation. 

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The Health and Transportation Subcommittee of the Transportation Research Board seeks research papers enhancing the use of transportation and land use modeling tools in examining health outcomes. We welcome both development of theoretical frameworks and innovative use of theory in practical applications to improve our knowledge. Link to the full announcement. 

Task Force
Proposal calling for TRB to establish a formal Task Force to inform the planning, design and operation of arterials and corridors while considering the implications to public health. The focus of the task force would be to develop a research agenda that would:

1. Maximize and quantify public health benefits from engineering and operations strategies that reduce the negative externalities associated with arterial roads (e.g., noise, pollution, injuries, and barriers); and

2. Optimize the health benefits through project design and operations.

For more information contact Ed Christopher (e-mail) or Eloisa Raynault (e-mail), Co-Chairs of the Subcommittee on Health and