Public health and transportation is the theme of the September-October 2015 issue of TR News

Friends of the Health and Transportation Subcommittee were central to organizing the issue and providing content.

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The Transportation Research Board Health and Transportation Subcommittee (ADD50-01) advances research, education, and professional practice in public health and transportation. 

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TRB Health and Transportation Subcommittee 
TCRP Synthesis Proposal, 2017

Scope: What are the impacts of public transit on health? 

This question has been repeatedly asked over the past decade in both the public transit and public health communities. While there is some evidence that public transit can have a positive impact on our health, such evidence has not been synthesized in a form that would assist state and regional transportation planners in making decisions about transit to promote the health of their communities. Better resources showing the links between public transit and health would be invaluable when trying to secure resources to design, build, maintain, and operate public transit systems.

Given that the interest in transportation from a health perspective continues to grow, a TCRP synthesis identifying the linkages between health and public transit would be an important step forward. The synthesis would provide a needed summary of the most current knowledge on the topic. It could provide a review on how local, regional, and state transit agencies are now incorporating health benefits associated with transit into their planning and communications activities. Because return-on-investment calculations are often used in transportation planning decisions, a TCRP synthesis could assist transit planners with such calculations by providing information on the monetization of the health benefits of public transit. Further, a synthesis could facilitate identification of research related to transit and health for which more information is needed. Overall, a TCRP synthesis would be a valuable and timely tool for incorporating health impacts into public transit policy and planning decisions.