Strategic Plan

TRB Health and Transportation Joint Subcommittee (ADD50-01) Strategic Plan
June 1, 2016

Mission: The mission of the Health and Transportation Subcommittee is to identify, advance and publish research to expand current understanding and evaluation of the health impacts of national, state, regional and local transportation policies, procedures and actions.

Scope: The scope of this Subcommittee includes a wide array of topics designed to cover diverse impacts and issues related to health, with attention given to vulnerable populations. Topics include, but are not limited to: sustainable and active transportation modes (e.g., walking, biking, transit), mobility, accessibility, safety, freight and aviation impacts to health, transportation-related air and water pollution and noise impacts, social cohesion, other social, physical and mental health impacts, the distribution of those health impacts in the population (based on factors including income, race and ethnicity, sex, age and English proficiency), and the use of health impact assessments (HIAs) and other health metrics and indicators to advance the consideration of health impacts in transportation decision-making.


  1. Provide a focal point for professionals interested in transportation issues and their health impacts, both positive and negative.
  2. Identify and address emerging issues that are relevant to the Subcommittee, peer groups and associated committees.
  3. Provide technical information, resources and updates to Subcommittee friends and other interested audiences.
  4. Enhance visibility of the Subcommittee and its communications through effective use of online tools (e.g., website, listserve, email).
  5. Build volunteer support for Subcommittee activities and provide leadership to strengthen the need and relevance of the Subcommittee.
  6. Find other individuals and organizations that have the same or similar research interests and a willingness to work together to expand current understanding.
  7. Engage with other committees regarding opportunities to consider and address transportation-related health impacts.
Strategic Initiatives:

  1. Convene meetings, workshops and seminars to help advance the understanding of health-related transportation issues.
  2. Develop research needs statements and calls for papers.
  3. Identify and seek out funding and sponsorships (e.g., NCHRP, Federal agencies) for research needs.
  4. Support cross-committee sessions at the annual and summer meetings that address research gaps and priority issue areas.
  5. Maintain wide and effective communication of research findings, best practices, ongoing research and related information.
  6. Use the website, listserve and webinars to advance the subcommittee goals.