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Call for Papers

Call for Research Papers on Health and Transportation for TRB 2014
Select Subject Areas: Travel Behavior, Travel Modeling, Public Health Analysis and Modeling, Policy 

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The Health and Transportation Subcommittee of the Transportation Research Board seeks research papers about using transportation and travel analysis/models in coordination with public health analysis/models to understand how transportation and land use systems affect public health outcomes. 

Specifically, papers are being sought that discuss: 
  • Using transportation/travel data and model outputs as inputs into analysis of public health outcomes. For example, see the use of travel information in the Health Impact Modeling Tool (ITHIM)
  • Using public health data and model outputs as inputs into transportation/travel analysis and planning. 
  • Ways to enhance the coordination and effectiveness of public health and transportation/travel/land use analysis. 
  • Practical applications of coordinated transportation/travel/public health analysis, and experiences with its potential and limitations. We would appreciate a better understanding of the diversity of perspectives among transportation and public health agencies, practitioners, and researchers. 
Papers for publication and/or presentation must be submitted by August 1, 2013. Submission of complete papers, conforming to TRB standards and format, is required for consideration. Papers may be submitted for presentation only. Each paper will be peer-reviewed according to TRB procedures. TRB paper specifications and submittal information can be found online at ( 

At the bottom of the TRB paper submission form, please indicate your paper is intended for the Health and Transportation Subcommittee (ADD50-01). Be sure to include the Subcommittee name and number. For more information on this call for papers contact: Ed Christopher, Federal Highway Administration, or Eloisa Raynault, American Public Health Association,