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Call for Posters

Call for Posters on the Creative Use of Data in Transportation and Public Health Planning 
For TRB 2014 Annual Meeting

Proposals due September 6, 2013

Sponsoring Committee
ADD50(1) Subcommittee on Health and Transportation 

The Subcommittee on Health and Transportation seeks research poster presentations on the creative use of data and information to understand the relationships between transportation, land use systems and public health. As we are better able to collect, archive, and analyze data, and make data sets publicly available, the subcommittee would like to provide a venue within the Transportation Research Board to display and discuss the state of the field. Posters will be displayed at the TRB Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, January 2014.

In recent years there has been increased attention to the connections between public health and transportation. These connections relate to physical activity, safety, air quality, equity and access. Coupled with this have been advances on the data side with the advances of smart phone and tablet applications, on line data tools and the emergence of “big data”. Taken together we expect to see some innovative projects highlighting the nexus between transportation, land use and public health outcomes. 
Specifically, posters are being sought that discuss:
  • Practices, techniques, and technologies to improve the use and usefulness of information for public health-related inquiries and decision-making in transportation planning and operations. 
  • Creative uses of existing data and information that may be uncommon in studies of transportation and public health. For example, the Archive of Many Outdoor Scenes (AMOS) is an archive of traffic camera data that researchers have used to measure bicycle use before and after the installation of bicycle lanes. See: Webcams and Crowd-Sourcing to Identify Active Transportation, American Journal of Preventive Medicine. 
  • Potential advancements in the use of transportation information in public health analysis, and the use of public health information in transportation analysis, as well as practical experience with the potential and limitations of such approaches. 
  • Using data in public processes or public engagement/participation around public health and transportation planning. 
Note: A paper is not required. Sales presentations on specific products or services will not be accepted, nor will papers or posters already presented or published in conjunction with previous TRB efforts.

To submit a poster proposal complete the accompanying Submission Form and turn it in along with an Abstract, to the poster review coordinator at the address below. Your submission materials must be received by Close of Business Friday, September 6, 2013. Materials can be emailed, snail mailed or hand delivered. Make sure to provide enough detail in the abstract so that it may be reviewed. Abstracts can be submitted as PDF or Microsoft Word files and should be 500 words or less. 

The subcommittee will convene a working group of reviewers to judge submissions and notify authors of its review recommendations in late September. In mid to late October TRB will invite presenters to the Annual Meeting and provide specific details on session date and time. 

Selection will be based on:
  • relevance to the area of public health and transportation 
  • originality and quality 
  • value to the planning community 
  • timeliness 
An abstract is required for each poster. Those selected must present in person at the TRB Annual Meeting in January, however, partnering with colleagues is encouraged. Submit your proposal materials (Abstract and Submittal Form) no later than Friday, September 6, 2013 to:

Review Coordinator
Carolyn McAndrews
Assistant Professor, Department of Planning and Design
College of Architecture and Planning
University of Colorado Denver
320BB CU Building, Denver, CO 80202